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Winter 12-15-2020

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The purpose of this paper is to analyse the use of library resources by students and faculty members in selected pharmacy colleges of Karnataka. This study adopted survey method and questionnaire tool used to collect primary data from the respondents. A well-structured questionnaire has been circulated among 691 faculty members and students whereas 686 respondents were responded. Based on the findings, this study recommended that, libraries need to take necessary steps in order to visit users on daily basis; library should attract users to use variety of resources other than books and periodicals. Library should promote the use of documents such as Audio-visual material, e-resources and theses and dissertations etc. The study also recommended that, the library need to procure relevant documents in order to support their curriculum, and need to arrange the documents in a helpful manner. Libraries need to purchase sufficient numbers of multiple copies; library professionals should assist the users and need to give proper orientation to use various resources and services. Further, this study suggested the college authority should change their policy to keep the library in open access and must provide state- of- art ICT tools to the library.