Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The study evaluates information resources, services, ICT infrastructure, staffing and sources of budget for developing the libraries. The Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) minimum standard for establishing an academic library is use as a yardstick upon which the libraries are accessed. The survey research design is employ with a population of 12 polytechnics selected using the stratified random sampling Technique. The judgmental sampling is used to select the respondents. An interview and questionnaire are used as data collection instrument and the data was analyze using descriptive and thematic analysis. The result of the study show that print and electronic information resources are available in the study libraries. They provide conventional as against specialized and ICT based library services. The staffing and ICT infrastructure in the study library are inadequate and the major source of fund is through the Tertiary Education Trust Fund. It is suggested that they should subscribe to aggregated databases for better information services delivery and find the ways and means to convince the institutions management of their monetary needs apart from the funds received from the Tetfund and other agencies of both governmental and non-governmental organizations.



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