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Good Library User service is like an analog clock where all the gears work seamlessly in a coordinated manner. The mechanism is reliable and effective but malfunctioning of just one gear can bring the whole clock to a standstill. Although the performance of library user service might not be dependent on just one factor, tracking key live chat metrics can help avoid common issues like long waiting queues, missed chats, bad user experience, and ultimately frustrated Library Users. WhatsApp is the third most used social media app in the world. As the user base continues to grow, so does the number of messages sent on a daily basis. This is a text and sentiment analysis of a WhatsApp group chat of Li(fe)brary at the Home WhatsApp Forum with User Satisfaction of NIELIT – Itanagar Library, Arunachal Pradesh. For the purpose of librarian service to the library users during lockdown created to this group and found Impact of 178 days and 193 library users with 1088 messages, shared 323 Media messages and found the most active day in this Forum is October 24th, 2020. 93.8 percentage of Nielit Library Users in this li(fe)brary at Home stated for Forum activity like library at home.