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Winter 1-5-2021

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In this study Water Scarcity involves water crisis, water shortage, water deficit or water stress. Water scarcity plays a big facts or effects on the planet and attracts for several scientist to review it. Therefore, during this research topic explored the new topics and new trends of through the statistics of the journal between 2011-2020 from the attitude of scientometric supported the keyword,” water scarcity”. This paper attempts to analyses the expansion and developments of water scarcity research in world supported the publications output using Scopus database. 7332 records were downloaded from the Scopus database from the category of Environmental sciences. the information were analyzed from the attitude of year wise distribution of water scarcity publications are seen as global research output on water scarcity. India secured 3rd position with 684 (9.32%) out of 7332 papers. Most of the prolific subject of Environment Science to secure highest no of publications 4399(59.99%) followed by Agricultural and Biological Sciences 2013(27.45%) respectively. Water Switzerland journals produced highest amount of research on water scarcity publications 241(3.28%).