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Winter 12-22-2020


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Purpose: the aim of the research is to investigate the use and perception of WhatsApp among LIS professionals in Pakistan.

Design/methodology/approach: quantitative research was adopted for this study and data have been collected using an online Google doc survey. A total of 115 participants have taken part in this study. All the participants were using WhatsApp and joined the LIS professionals group. The collected data has been analyzed using SPSS and MS excel.

Findings of the study: the findings of the study revealed the majority of the respondents were male with 92(80%) and most of them have a degree of MLS (48%). The majority of the respondent's age was between 21-30age. The study found that the most shared information among the LIS professionals in Pakistan. The findings of the study revealed the majority of the respondents are Librarians with 61%. All the respondents show their opinion about the effectiveness of WhatsApp and all of them using what Sapp for different purposes. The respondents answered the massive benefits of WhatsApp but on the other hand, they are facing issues while using WhatsApp.

Social implications: the implication of the research implies that WhatsApp groups considered as virtual platforms that enables library professionals to share information among their peers and friends. This social media helps the library professionals to promote their library services and sources promptly.

Originality/value – the finding of the study revealed that using WhatsApp groups can be helpful to share news, views and information among LIS professionals. They also adopt this medium to promote their library services. The present study investigated the essential aspects of WhatsApp use among Library professionals. The outcomes of the research would be beneficial for Librarians, information scientists, and LIS professionals of Pakistan and beyond.