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Due to a pandemic situation arising from the past few decades and the covid -19 patients are increasing at the rapid rate. Looking in the near future an IOT model is build which can be useful for people in coming years and allows rapid testing and efficient testing methodologies using various sensors such as Temperature, Respiration, RFID etc which takes various parameters. The study focuses around 412 scientific documents such as Journals, articles, book chapters and Patents in various papers. These documents are extracted from the scopus databases after querying with the keywords related to covid patients and IOT. The articles were analysed for the time period of a few months. For this model, open source tools are used where analysis is done through Node XL, Gephi and VOSviewer. The survey prominently focuses on the type of publications, Publication by Country, Based on the geographical locations, Documents by Year, By Subject Area, By Affiliation and By Author. It was observed from the sides as English was a major language which was used in publishing of the documents. Study of Journal shows the sufficient contribution of Computer Science and Technology in detecting the Covid-19 patients.