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The study aims to evaluate the research performance of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE), Tamil Nadu, India. The 1933 research publications produced by KARE during the year 2001-2018 were retrieved from Scopus database and taken up for the study. Ms-Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics software were used to analyze the data and bibliometric indicators were applied for evaluation. The publication production found increased year by year but the growth rate is not on par with the quantity growth. 98.2% of the total publications were multi-authored and 98.4% of the publications were produced by research collaborations with the organizations in India and abroad. 24.52% of the publications received financial support. Engineering, computer science, materials science, mathematics, chemistry and physics are found as most productive subjects. Increasing the research projects, getting funding supports and identifying the weakest research areas would be helpful in increasing the research production.