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Winter 12-25-2020

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The paper examined the information needs and use of non-academic staff in University of Africa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The researchers adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised of 100 non-academic staff out of which 57 were randomly selected. Four (4) research questions guided this study. Data was collected using the questionnaire. Data was analyzed with descriptive statistics such as frequency count and simple percentage. The findings revealed that non-academic staff had diverse information needs based on their work roles and they consult multiple information sources to meet their information needs. Regarding the purpose for using information, it was established that they sought information mainly for decision making, job performance and for general awareness/updating knowledge. Inadequate information retrieval skills, poor time management, lack of awareness about information resources in the library etc were some of the challenges encountered by the non-academic staff during information seeking and use. Based on the findings, the researchers wish to recommend that since universities have significant number of non-teaching staff, the library should provide regular training program on information literacy skills, provide awareness services and encourage them to make regular use of the multiple information sources available in the library. Libraries should also provide services targeted at this growing and influential component of staff.