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Ultra wideband (UWB) technology remains a viable choice for very high speed data communication in future applications involving large bandwidth. For boosting the data communication efficiency and to mitigate the multipath fading issue faced by UWB system with existing narrowband systems, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna system is used along with UWB. Mutual coupling which must be smaller in value plays a vital role in deciding the efficiency of MIMO antenna and hence it becomes as important aspect. The mutual coupling reduction techniques of various UWB MIMO antennas are surveyed in this bibliometric paper. The bibliometric survey aims to enlighten different types of mutual coupling reduction technique employed in various MIMO antenna like Neutralization lines, Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure, Defected Ground Structures, etc. that support UWB applications. The Scopus database from January 2015 to 16thDecember 2020 is used to perform this bibliometric survey on UWB MIMO antennas.