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Approach: To identify authors' association in each document published in fourteen law journals from 2005 – 2019. Methodology: Data for research downloaded from Scopus-Elsevier databases. International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) as "Default" use in the menu bar of each journal in CSV file format to tabulate in MS Excel year-wise, and degree of collaboration.

Results: There are 7688 documents under eight domains; articles, conference papers, editorial, erratum, letters to the editor, notes, review articles, and short surveys written by 13823 authors in fourteen journals linked with the subject of law from 2005 - 2019. Articles 5798; 75.4% were in majority, followed by review articles 1242; 16.1%, and 253; 3.2% of conference papers.

Besides, 4364 documents written by a single author, and the remaining 3324 papers out of 7688 documents scripted from 9459 authors collaboratively. Conclusion: This study displays that, every month, 42.7%, and 1.4 of documents published per day in fourteen law journals from 2005 – 2019. The 1.7 of author participation reveals the culture of collaboratively or teamwork among the law personals prevails in the studied period



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