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Winter 1-5-2021


The research is to study the introduction of ICT in secondary schools in Nigeria. ICT in education is a tool par excellence that a nation can count on to create self-reliance. The study observed that, Nigeria is still experiencing a delay in its implementation of ICT, and this continues to expand the divides between digital and information, and access to ICT facilities is a major challenge facing Nigerian schools. The study concludes that although ICT can play a role in education, schools in Nigeria are yet to adopt it extensively for teaching and learning. Efforts to incorporate ICT into the school system didn't have much impact, Problems such as poor policy, strategies for implementing the projects and poor information infrastructure are militating against these efforts. The study recommends that the government should make efforts to post and provide ICT-qualified teachers to each school to impart ICT skills to the pupils, and also to stabilize Nigerian electricity supply.