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This study attempts to x-ray relevance of availability of information resource centres on rural development in Akure North Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria. The study reveals that information resource centres are not available in the communities under the local government. The essence of rural development, appraisal of various initiatives in Nigeria, information needs of rural dwellers and information resource centre were discussed in the study. The need for provision of information resource centres in rural communities was also discussed. It is revealed that with valuable up-to-date information resources in the centres it would empower and enable the people irrespective of their diverse population to lead a better life, given that access to information is not only a human right but plays a critical role in decision making. It is recommended that librarians, information managers and scholars should push for their inclusion in national policy and programmes initiation in Nigeria with a view to lobbying the various tiers of governments, legislators and philanthropists to provide fully equipped and resourced information centres in the rural communities.



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