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There is a need for information on the mapping of research results that examine specific topics. This is necessary in order to determine the extent to which the need for knowledge on a particular topic has been met.The advancement of the television industry in Indonesia has led to an increase in the number of researches on television. Taking this into account, the purpose of this study is to analyze the research trends associated with the competencies of the graduates of television studies bachelor programs at the university in Indonesia. The method used in this study is descriptive quantitative. By analyzing various television-related researches indexed at Indonesia’s own academic publication indexing institution, “Garuda”, it can be said the number of researches on televisions conducted by Indonesian academics is growing. The distribution of research topics in Indonesia shows a wide distribution of topics, especially in the social sciences. However, the variety of topics on television studies in Indonesia is still limited and has not fully addressed numerous topics and contexts related to the landscape of the television industry in Indonesia. Additionally, the number of research covering topics of television artistic; television script; television management; television planning; evaluation of television programs; television production; television business; television rating; television strategy; television industry; television policy; television content; and television viewers, are still relatively limited.



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