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Open Access is a form of practice through which academic publications are shared publicly online. Open Access enables Books, Journals, Research articles, Thesis and all other educational resources that shared online with peer reviewed or set of quality metrics. Open Access Journals provide an unlimited access of scholarly published articles to the user. It also facilitates the users to enrich their knowledge on various disciplines with no cost. Open Access Journals promotes unbiased information dissemination and maintains high transparency in publishing contents with international standards. The aim of the present study is to analyze the open access Library and Information Science Journals published in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) website as on 17th December 2020. Currently, DOAJ database published 15633 journals and 5474195 articles in all the subjects. This study reveals that out of 15633, 176 indexed journals and out of 5474195, 53959 articles are published under Library and Information Science subject. The study also presents the statistical data of Library and Information Sciences Journals based on the elements like License Type, Journals published in different Languages, Country wise contribution and Review systems.