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This study adopted the descriptive research design of the correlational type because it is used to show the relationship between two variables and also to obtain current information on the phenomena. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect the information regarding the types of social media networking tools, frequency of use of electronic information resources, electronic resources available, the influence of social media networking tools and challenges of social media networking tools while using electronic information resources in academic libraries. The population of this study consisted of One hundred and three (103) library users in two universities in South-west, Nigeria which is the University of Ibadan (63 library users) being a Federal University; and Lead City University (40 library users) being a Private University. One hundred and fifty (150) questionnaires were distributed to collect the data. One hundred and three (103) responded, representing 68.7% of the sample size. Questionnaires were distributed randomly to the users at the main libraries and departmental libraries of the two universities. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistical technique made up of table, charts and percentages. The study found out that social networking tool such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were available for the use of students in both Universities. The result showed that the use of electronic information resources is still very low in the Universities studied. This is due to lack of adequate knowledge about electronic information resources and relationship with social media networking tools, slow internet speed, inadequate provision of key electronic information resources and facilities in the library amongst others.



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