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This study investigated the extent counselling as a learner support service have enhanced the quality of learning for students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Study centres in South-East of Nigeria. Two research questions and one null hypothesis guided the study. The descriptive design was adopted for the study. Survey research study that was carried out at the four Study Centres of NOUN in the South-East states of Nigeria The population of study was 4,765 students while a sample of 480 respondents were selected using a multi-stage sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was researchers` structured questionnaire titled “Counselling as a Learner Support Service for Enhancing Quality Learning” which was face validated by three experts. The Reliability coefficient of 0.77 using Cronbach Alpha was obtained. The research questions were answered mean while hypothesis was tested using Mann-Whitney U-test. The result from the study showed that counselling as a learner support to a high extent has enhanced the quality of learning at the NOUN South-East Study centres. Based on these findings, recommendations were made among which were that: National Open University of Nigeria should make provision for adequate media facilities for counselling so as to ensure that students are guided as expected. Availability of a standard well-equipped computer counselling room that provides for a more supportive counselling delivery will ensure that distance learners’ problems are attended to at all times.