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Winter 1-2-2021


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The present study investigates the approach and insight of librarians towards the marketing of library sources and services in academic libraries of Balochistan. A quantitative research design and survey research method were used to determine the appropriateness of the chosen population. The population comprises library professionals e.g. Librarians, assistant Librarians, and the same grade of library staff. A structured questionnaire was designed to collect data from the chosen population. There were 90 questionnaires were distributed among the chosen population but 73 were returned back with full responses. The response ratio was 81%. the findings of the study revealed that the majority of the respondents were male 70 (95.9%) and only 3(4.1%) were female. Most of the respondents have done MLIS with 26(35.6%) and least were M.Phil. 2(2.7%). The ages of the respondents were 28(38.4%) were a range from 31 to 40years. the respondents were answered about “awareness” 53 (72.6%) and “to great extent” with 40(54.8%). The respondents were replied all the sources and services are available. The respondents showed their agreement about the benefit where most of them answered with “to achieve customer satisfaction” with (m: 1.1351) and showed their attitude about issues where most of them replied, “lack of authority support” (m: 2.3425). According to the findings of the study some of the suggestions have been posted for future concern e.g. higher authority should support library staff to launch this method and bring their customers to one place as well as improve their library images.