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The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic around the globe has destabilized academic activities especially as lockdown of all human activities became the only immediate strategy of controlling the spread. Globally, the only palliative for continuing educational activities is the introduction of e-learning system which is new to most institutions of learning in Nigeria. Observation from Delta State University as a case study indicates that, majority of the students complain of the difficulty in applying the implemented e-learning system hence this study explored the e-learning application, its pros and cons under three objectives. The population of the study comprised 370 of library and information science. The entire population of 370 respondents was used as the sample size of the study and 230 responses were retrieved online. The questionnaire used in the study comprised twenty four (24) items. Data generated were analysed using simple percentage. The findings revealed that students participate in the e-learning system with the use of the device (phone and not laptop) in the form of text and audio. It was also found that difficulty in applying the implemented e-learning system arises as a result of high cost of data subscription, high cost of devices, technologies not user friendly and epileptic or power failure. Thus, it was recommended that institutions should subscribe for data and ensure that e-learning system is upgraded for user friendliness.



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