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Citations of the top 100 most cited papers of the ‘Journal of Geological Society of India’, the premier geology journal published from India, in Web of Science (WoS), are analysed. The parameters used include publication year, citation count, age of publications, contributing authors, institutions, countries and most occurring keywords. Spearman’s rank rho (ρ) is used to ascertain the association between citation count and age of publications. The study found that there is a no association between citation count and age of publications of 100 most cited papers of the journal in WoS. Among 272 authors of the 100 most cited papers, the largest contribution was made by Chadwick B and Gupta H K (n = 6 each). Most of the papers originated from India (n = 62) with the most contributions (n = 10) coming from Geological Survey of India (GSI). Among 623 keywords, Evolution and Geochemistry, Dharwar Craton, Geochronology etc. were the most frequently used. The Journal of the Geological Society of India caters mostly to papers authored by Indian geologists, and publishes more papers in the areas of earth evolution and geochemistry, with the most cited papers too being from this area of research. To improve the journal’s impact factor it is recommended that more review papers, increased international authorship, and broadening of subject areas of publication may be attempted.