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Winter 12-29-2020

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The existing conventional fuels are going up in prices and going down in availability. This has boosted the demand for renewable resources like wind energy. Wind energy being abundantly available is becoming very popular as it is a freely available pollution-free green energy. Some technical aspects like the tracking of maximum power from the wind energy conversion systems have a very high impact on the efficiency of the wind energy conversion systems. Several algorithms have been implemented for tracking the maximum power point of the wind energy conversion systems. The main objective of this paper is to study the extent of the available research works in the domain of maximum power point tracking for wind energy conversion systems. The bibliometric analysis done in this study is primarily based on the data extracted from the Scopus database, Mendeley, and Research Gate. Open-source software Gephi was used in the study for drawing clusters. GPS visualizer is used for the geographical analysis in this study. From the bibliometric review, it can be inferred that major publications are from journals, conferences, and articles from Indian publications and followed by Chinese publications. This study is done starting from the year 2010 to 2020. It spans over a decade. The subject areas of Engineering followed by Energy, Computer Science and Mathematics have the maximum contribution in this domain.