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An interdisciplinary approach to the study of nepotism is taken into consideration in this article. Nepotism is one of the least researched and most poorly defined human resource approaches, and it has an enormous effect on companies that hire staff. Different terms, such as Nepotism, Cronyism, and favoritism, have an adverse influence on the company's efficiency and lead to poor performance. From an interdisciplinary viewpoint, organizations often look at nepotism to better represent such policies and practices on companies. The research work identifies significant contributors, recent trends, contexts, and supports in the study field for any further direction. A sample of 371 documents recovered from the Scopus database, the paper implemented bibliometrics and network analysis (NA) to evaluate the research occurrences that have occupied a place on this subject. The study will serve as a fundamental basis for understanding the idea of nepotism, its current indications, and the context in which the analysis is progressing, after analysing the various viewpoints of the study such as initial data structures, bibliometrics and network. The key research focus is mainly to investigate the highly researched issues in this arena like workplace nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, corruption, nepotism sexism, nepotism family business, nepotism hiring, collusion, ethnic nepotism, discrimination, group nepotism, human kinship, and primate nepotism. The research methodology used in this study, unlike the previous survey, is an amalgamation of bibliometric, network, and systematic literature review (SLR), which helped recognition to generate an integrated overview of the study field.