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Winter 1-4-2021


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Object: The primary aim of this study is to analyze and determine the skills of undergraduate law students regarding the handling of misinformation about COVID 19 on Social Media. It determines the most reliable and most popular social media platforms used by the law students and also highlighted the different methods used by them to separate the grain from the chaff on social media.

Methodology: This quantitative study was conducted using the survey design. A structured questionnaire was distributed among the participants to collect the data. The collected was analyzed while using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS V-23). Descriptive statistics were used to interpret the data in form of mean, modes, standard deviations, and frequencies. The data was then presented in the form of tables in the study.

Findings: The study revealed that the majority of law students use social media uncountable times a day. It also showed that WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms among undergraduate law students in Pakistan. The study highlighted that among the different methods employed by law students to verify the information about COVID 19 on Social Media, critical thinking and common sense are on top of the list.