Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 1-5-2021


Recently, The low intensity of library visits has an impact on the low usability of collections owned by the library: the collection is not used well by the user. In this research, we conduct evaluation study of library collection promotion in 3 different school’s library using qualitative descriptive analysis and conduct action for the result in the form of automatic voice collection promotion using automatic voice. Data collection techniques conducted in this study are: a) primary data collection, which is collected by the author directly through a structured interview to the respondents by referring to the questionnaire; b) secondary data collection, which is obtained in the form that has been processed by certain parties, such as data from related institutions such as Primary School data and student data to be researched either through website, brochure, and other publications, used for the purposes of general overview and qualitative analysis. After data is collected, the next step is data processing. The evaluation results on the collection aspect of the three primary school libraries indicate that the whole library provides a number of collections for users with not too many. As many as 50 students (58.1%) stated less agree on the completeness of the collection provided by the library. A total of 45 students (52.3%) agreed that the collection provided by the library amounted to a lot. A total of 66 students (76.7%) stated less agree that they know the type of collection provided by the library parties. From this condition, the author resulted in a design application of library collection promotion with automatic voice, where with this application the collection promotion activities will run effectively and efficiently. From the test results, this application can be run with text data input from the collection description, then the output of a sound that can be heard by the user when in the library. Users just simply listening will be able to know the collection in the library.