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Dear Sir we are very much inspired by your hard work and supportive job for research in the field of Library and Information Science, Sir we are happy to publish our research paper in your esteemed journal "Library Philosophy & Practice' (e-journal). Thank you very much, sir.


Engineering is the most preferred research area among Indian research and development for quite some time in terms of the total number of publications, global share, and visibility and citation impact are concerned. The present study deals with the assessment of Indian engineering research output as reflected in the Web of Science (WOS) database for the period 2003 to 2017 for identifying the research output in the field of engineering literature. We measure India’s contribution to engineering research from a global perspective. In the fifteen years, 2003-2017 Indian researchers have published 1,589,361 papers in 1,266 journals. In terms of % share, India (with 6.9% of the world’s publications) is behind only the USA (5.28%) and South Korea (2.12%). But only 0.86% of papers from India are among the top 1% of the most highly cited papers of the world, compared to 4,984 papers from the USA, 2,006 papers from South Korea, 1,436 papers from Germany, 1,246 papers from England, 1,005 from Canada of papers. The 25 core journals are identified which contains 26.83% of the total articles. Among 25 journals 20 journals are published outside India. The topmost productive journals publishing India’s research papers in Engineering research contributed 25,285 papers, which accounts for a 29.83% share in the cumulative publications output of India from 2003 to 2017.