Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Preventive Conservation being interdisciplinary in nature has been implemented by libraries from the time when libraries were considered merely as storehouses of knowledge. Since inception, libraries have taken the responsibility to preserve the library materials for a prolonged life. The present study is undertaken to survey the preventive conservation activities in National Library of India. For this purpose, a well structured questionnaire was designed and distributed to the head of the library and concerned library professionals who are directly engaged in preventive conservation activities of the library. Results of the study show that all the basic methods of preventive conservation like pest management, climate control, access system, proper storage, binding, disaster planning, digitization and digital preservation are taken up by National Library in an effective way. It is however suggested that the library the library should work towards filing up the vacant positions of the library, specially of the Biding division- where books are immune against deterioration to survive a long life.