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The novel Coronovirus pandemic has made us to use the digital resources due to closure of colleges across the globe. Librarians and users all over the world have had to adjust to new ways of work and life. The study explores the e-resources provided by N-LIST in the form of e-journals and e-books from various reputed publishers included in the consortium. The data has been gathered from the library users (students, research scholars and the faculty) of the academic colleges across Goa through online Google form. From the study, it was found that N-LIST e-resources have been playing a crucial role in satisfying the information needs of the users throughout the Covid-19 pandemic era. The study shows that N-LIST e-resources has significantly contributed to the demands of the college library users as the vast collection of e-resources can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through remote access. This paper tries to shed light on the importance of having N-LIST e-resources, the crucial role played during the pandemic era in fulfilling the information needs of the users and the satisfaction level of the users. The study also made it very clear that the users are very satisfied with the e-resources provided under N-LIST consortium.



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