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The aim of this study is to analyse the work done on the frequency and polarization reconfigurability of antenna for various design types using the bibliometric study methods. Different articles on reconfigurable antennas for MIMO systems were retrieved using SCOPUS which is one of the most popular databases. The research articles published between 2004 to 2020 were considered and Scopus Analyser was used to fetch the analysis results namely document by source, author, subject, year and country. In the currently available literature, a lot of survey articles on the reconfigurable antennas and MIMO systems is available but there is no bibliometric analysis conducted till date. Hence, this in this article, the bibliometric study with an emphasis on the reconfigurable antennas and their applications in the MIMO systems is undertaken. The aim of this article is to explore the present research conducted referring to the articles published each year, keywords used over time, topmost keywords used each year, journals publishing most papers over time and each year as well. The data that is articulated will support the basic understanding of the topic and emphasize the fact that there is an enormous opportunity for the research clusters to explore the field of reconfigurable antennas.



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