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Winter 1-8-2021

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This study evaluates the Indian chemical science research output of the last two decades (2000 to 2019). We have made a scientometric analysis of contributions from India in leading chemical science journals over 20 years period 2000 – 2019. We have compared India’s performance with that of the USA. The data was sourced from the Scopus database during 2000 – 19. The study finds that the research output of the world in chemical science research was 76, 08,260 publications and it was 469,689 publications by India, accounting for 6.1% global publications share in a 20 years window covering the period 2000-2019. The USA with a highest of 1665017publications on World Chemical Science research, followed by China with 1598167 (21.010%) publications, the highest number of papers published in the subject area is Chemistry 11, 65,377 publications followed by Materials Science 1,19,949, RSC Advances journal from the United Kingdom published the highest publications i.e. 6,578 articles (6.609%) followed by Research Journal Of Pharmaceutical Biological And Chemical Sciences (India) published 4,192 (4.212%) articles, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru contributed the highest publications to the field of chemical science i.e. 15510 (3.537%).