Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The primary aim of this study is to create a promotional strategy plan based on the usage of resources and services. Survey questionnaire was used to gather data from a stratified sample of 372 students and 98 faculty members. Only 64 faculty members returned their questionnaires. The study employs independent sample t-test, ANOVA (f-test) and Mann Whitney (U-test) to test the operational hypothesis. Upon analyzing the demographic profiles, it was noted that the students were frequent visitors of the library while the faculty have minimal visits.

Statistical results show that both students and faculty used the resources only for “sometime” while students used the services more often than the faculty. Also, there are no significant differences to the rating of respondents’ on resources and services when grouped according to profile except when students profile are grouped according to year level and frequency of visit. Factors such as adequate collection and lack of space in the library was found affecting the patrons in visiting the library.

The researcher therefore conclude that library resources are not marketed effectively thus resulting to minimal usage while the good delivery and marketing of library services to the students resulted from frequent usage but still needs to be marketed to the faculty for extensive use. It is recommended that the proposed promotional strategies will focus on promoting the least used library resources. Also it is imperative, to create a promotional strategy program for the faculty which got minimal usage for resources and services as well as frequency of visit to the library.