Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The security and prevention of crimes in academic libraries have always been major concerns to the librarians of these libraries. Attempts of many authors to suggest solutions to these disturbing issues have not yielded the required solution. In this research work, the researcher looked into a case study of an institution, which is making frantic efforts to fight theft, mutilation, vandalism and defacement of its information materials. This research work discovered that poverty, carelessness and selfishness among the patrons of the Kano State College of Education Library are major causes of crimes in the library, while poor funding, inadequate staffing and lack of vigilance on the part of the staff are responsible for some of the crimes committed in the library. The recommendations of this research work include a more intensive user education, increase in the finding and training and retraining of the staff of the library, will go a long way to reducing crimes and insecurity of information material in the Kano State College of Education Library.