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Winter 2-18-2021


This paper attempts to highlight the growth and development of Covid-19 drugs and medicine literature and make the quantitative and qualitative assessment by way of analyzing various features of research output and Citations impact based on the Web of Science database. A total of 6425 publications were published on Covid-19 drugs and medicine, which received 313411 Citations during 2020-2021. In all, there were 140 countries involved in research in Covid-19 drugs and medicine. The most productive countries are USA highest share of 1814(28.4%) publications and received 17779 Citations followed by Peoples Republic of China with 18623 Citations for 986(15.5%) publications, Italy with 7418 Citations for 763(12%) publications, India with 3323 Citations for 617(9.7%) publications, UK with 7178 Citations for 577 publications. Most productive Institutions were: Harvard Med School from USA with 102 publications (1175 Citations), followed by Huazhong Univ Science & Technology with 102 publications (2913 Citations), University Milan with 82 publications (1430 citations), It noted that 30 Institutes are registered more than 30 Publications and 25 Institutions are recorded more than 1000 Citations. The highly Cited journals are: NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE with 2623 Citations (ACPP is 163.93) for 16 Publications, NATURE with 1546 Citations (ACPP is 96.62) for 16 publications, JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE & DYNAMICS with 1476 Citations (ACPP is 9.11) for 162 publications, JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION with 1365 Citations (ACPP is 39.08) for 35 publications, and SCIENCE with 1197 Citations (ACPP is 74.81) for 16 publications. The study found that 8 source titles registered more than 1000 Citations and most of the publications are published in high impact Journals. The paper also reveals the collaborating institutions, countries and research. Findings also indicate the publication pattern, degree of collaboration as well as the nature of the research activities.



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