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This study sought to investigate the relationship between social media use and research productivity of lecturers in private universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. This study adopted the survey design. The population comprised of 1353 lecturers from seven private universities. The purposive sampling technique was used to select 621 respondents for the study. A pretested questionnaire was used for data collection, yielding the following Cronbach alpha value: Social media use – 0.86 and research productivity – 0.95. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistic. Findings revealed that social media use has a positive but very weak and significant relationship with the research productivity (r = 0.173**, P < 0.05). Social media tools, namely: Social networks, Collaborative tools, Web video sites, Blogs & Microblogs were found to be used. Social bookmarking and citation tools were not used for research. However, research productivity was found to be low. The study concluded by noting that research productivity can be greatly improved by the use of social media. It, therefore, recommends that lecturers improve their knowledge of social bookmarking and citation tools as these will help them in organizing information from social media specifically and the web, in general, amongst others.