Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 2-15-2021


Purpose / Aim of the study: Primarily, this research study aimed to identify how digital and traditional marketing methods create awareness among their users to utilize library services and resources better. To know about library staff's role towards marketing practices and techniques in digital and traditional ways in university libraries.

Research Design: This study is based on a quantitative research method, and a cross-sectional survey research approach is used for data collection. Data was collected through a validated questionnaire with the help of an online survey tool (Google Forms). Questionnaires were distributed through personal emails, WhatsApp messages, and the link was dropdown on LIS professional social media sites. One Hundred Ninety-seven responses were received in which three of the responses are unable to analyze and one hundred ninety-four responses were analyzed through SPSS software 23rd version. The Pearson correlation statistical test was applied using SPSS to know the variables' typical relationship values to analyze the collected data.

Findings: Findings of the study reveals that marketing through digital ways is more effective than traditional methods. Libraries create awareness among users about information resources and services by the latest digital and traditional marketing techniques. This study identifies the use or non-use and inadequacies of resources in the libraries under investigation.

Research Implications: Furthermore, the findings will be a useful tool in the hands of higher authorities, planners, and other stakeholders to improve and develop resources and services in university libraries.