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The study focused on awareness and adoption of cloud computing in Nigerian libraries. Given the importance of cloud computing to information resources storage and service delivery, it has become necessary to find out the extent of awareness among library personnel and to ascertain what they use it for, either for personnel or professional use and as well the area to which cloud based services has been adopted in some selected Private Universities in Osun State. A survey design was adopted for this study. Fifty-three library personnel from four private university libraries constitutes the respondent for the study. These respondents were randomly selected. Questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics with the use of the Software Package for Service Solution (SPSS). The study concluded that most library personnel are aware of cloud computing and uses it mostly for personal than professional purposes also, most libraries provide mailing services and social networking cloud-based services, more so, the most adopted area of cloud-based services in their libraries is in the area of Library Management Software (LMS) others raised concerns over the security of their resources. The study however recommended that before the adoption of cloud computing technologies, there is a need to sensitize and train library personnel on the professional importance of cloud computing, consideration should also be given to privacy issues. This will give libraries the assurance that their resources are secured and save from intellectual property theft.