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Higher education plays an important role in uplifting society and the world. It helps in framing opinions regarding all facets of human life making us better individuals. In Indian society, higher education enhances job and marital prospects. The institutes of higher education in India is plagued by various demerits. India has a large number of educational institutes both in the public and the private sector, the private participation increasing after globalization. In a bid to bring about competition among the institutes of higher education, the system of ranking had been introduced in the west though almost all the universities worldwide have adopted this practice, and India is no exception. However, Indian universities fare very badly when compared to universities in developed countries and also in Asian countries. Indian universities do not find a place in the list of the top 200 global institutes. Universities in the USA and UK have reported good performance in all the parameters as compared to Indian universities. Universities in Singapore, China, and Japan are also showing better performance. This paper analyzes the weaknesses in Indian institutes and offers remedial measures.



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