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The worldwide pandemic due to the new coronavirus Covid-19 is playing a vital role in higher education systems. Some of the important affects are disturbing the completion of the terminal exam, completing the syllabus, starting of the new academic year and loss of jobs. The Covid-19 pandemic motivates the education institutions and stakeholders for remote learning as well as it makes a new challenge in global economies. This article focuses the challenges on higher education in the era of Covid-19 pandemic as well as some solutions to continue the higher education. Particularly, this aims to describe the impact of higher education in India due to Covid-19 and it suggests the ways to move on goals of Indian higher education system. Based on the detailed study it suggests that to continue smooth online learning system in India, low-cost internet facility may be provided to all citizens. Further, by providing and awareness and training on online teaching learning sources for both students and faculty may provide possible situations to create a world class education system even in the post Covid-19.