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The study on ‘Single Author’ research analysis highlights the qualitative and quantitative aspects of research contributions made by Nobel Laureate Arnold FH in the field of chemical sciences for the directed evolution of enzymes. During her productive career 1980-2021, she has produced a count of 355 (273 journal articles) publications with 30644 citations were retrieved from Scopus database. The present study includes the analysis of research contributions made by Arnold FH with the bibliometric techniques and her role in the advancement of chemical science in the world. Her publications were distributed over 135 source titles which are having a good impact factor. She has collaborated with 496 authors which are resulted for 1444 authorships in which the most prolific collaborators are Bloom JD 15 publications, Snow CD 14 publications. Country-wise distribution of citations reveals that most of the citations are from the USA which accounts for 32919 of total citations. The papers end up with the opinion that Arnold contribution in the field of ‘enzymes’ which could help in to solve the humankind’s chemical problems and study prove that she is an outstanding performer in the field of chemical sciences and source of information for budding scientists in the field of chemistry.