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This bibliometric analysis aims to understand how Lattice Boltzmann Method could be a potential solver in integrating computational fluid dynamics with image segmentation smoothly. Cardiovascular diseases have been a major health problem in our society and have been an interesting topic for researchers to focus on. Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation on well-segmented patient-specific images could help the clinicians in diagnosing many cardiovascular diseases in the initial stages itself thereby avoiding surgery. This paper focuses on how various methods have been used since 1988 and been successfully implemented in subsequent years. The bibliometric analysis is done from Scopus and the research is based on 1726 published papers. The main purpose of this survey is to find out the research going on for the crucial problem of the society. This survey would therefore help us in analyzing and estimating the type of work done and the amount of work done in this area and the future scope for the research to carry on. This study is very much effective and essential thereby giving a clear picture of the type of work going on and what new techniques could be used to make a CFD solver that could predict the hemodynamic behavior and also the cardiovascular diseases at the initial stages.