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Winter 2-10-2021


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The study is an overview on the effects of transportation and accommodation on academic performance and utilization of information resource by postgraduate students in the Faculty of Agriculture Library University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The main objective of the study is to identify the effects of using the library due to accommodation and transportation, the study analyze the types of available information resources, in the library, the level of usage and user satisfaction questionnaire was provided to users and 0.7 % of the entire respondent population= 3761= 26 was used, so twenty six (26) copies of the questionnaires were given to the respondents. Eighteen (18) copies were retrieved and analyzed, representing 69.2 %. Key findings show that in the faculty of Library, the existing agricultural information resources available, accessible and used are inadequate due to the facts that most of the postgraduate students are not within the university vicinity and the university transportation facilities are inadequate another factor on the accessibility of the information resources is that insufficient number of library employees. The study recommended the enhancement of existing information resources such as, offline database subscriptions such as AGORA, HINARI, AJOL, JSTORE and E-Granary and provision of adequate accommodation facilities and transport to enable the postgraduate students to leave within the university vicinity to enable them to use the library resources during and after class hours particularly night hours