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Winter 1-21-2021


Dear sir

I am submitting my recent research work in your esteemed journal. The paper addresses a very significant topic and its research output trends. Please take the necessary actions to publish it.

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Psychologists have posited two types of driving theories. By dualistic hypotheses, motivation is broken into two forms: Intrinsic and Extrinsic. The attainment of an instrumental purpose relates to Intrinsic Motivation. It has been observed that intrinsic motivation has been a topic of research interest of the researchers due to the importance of the term. Therefore, this paper evaluates the research output on intrinsic motivation since 1959 in different fields using the Scopus database. The data were collected from the Scopus database and were analyzed using Microsoft Excel to analyze the research trends on intrinsic motivation. It is concluded that intrinsic motivation has been a topic of researchers' focus since 1959 but higher attempts are made after 2005. Most of the researchers prefer journal article publications and only 1% are in the press, whereas all other articles are already published. Most of the publications are published in the English language and the researcher from the field of Psychology and Social Science is publishing the most on intrinsic motivation. As this paper compiles the archive over the last six decades accessible on Scopus, this paper will assist junior researchers to identify the void and plan their potential study on intrinsic motivation.