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Winter 10-15-2020


This paper attempts to provide a comprehensive study of return on investment (ROI) from library knowledge on the relevant literature review study on last for the past 20 years, practitioners have embraced them. It seeks to describe the functions mentioned in the literature Concerning trends in the profession of Library and Information Science (LIS). The method used for literature review on return on investment(ROI) from library was followed by Searching on various LIS databases , Scopus, Web of Science,,, Google and in October to December 2020. 33 out of a total of 200 papers were chosen, based on clear requirements for inclusion and exclusion. New and emerging positions, mainly in the sense return on investment from libraries, have been identified. The ROI roles in institution, organization and librarians and their active participation in the process ROI background, history, ROI calculation method and study were highlighted in all defined function categories. This research paper is a Literature review type paper considered only peer-reviewed papers which were published in English between 2000 and 2020. This review paper takes into account the growth of the LIS profession in an evolving climate. The world and provides an interpretation of the LIS profession's future path.



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