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Spring 1-22-2021


This paper has been presented in the APRiSH 2018 (


E-Paper service at the Library of the Indonesian House of Representatives (also known as the DPR RI library) provides information on Indonesia's latest issues for experts and parliament members. The service served its main purpose as information support for decision-making and the law and regulation-making processes. This study audited the information resources management on E-Paper services in the DPR RI library and identify problems that arise during the management process. We interviewed 20 informants comprising librarians, library managers, the head of the library, and service users (experts and parliament members). We conducted observations of the events and analyzed the documents that are related to the service. This study employs Henczel's information audit model as the study framework. This study presents the E-Paper service's detailed practices in the DPR RI library through six components in the management tools, including man, money, materials, machines, methods, and markets. This study helps understand the information supports in the parliament environment and how librarians process information in timely related situations to support its parent organization.