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The study assessed Library users’ purposes for using Electronic Information Resources (EIRs) as well as the problems that militate against the use of the resources in Osun State University. A survey methodology using a case study research design was adopted. The questionnaire was used as research instrument for data collection. The population of study was made up of the staff and students of Osun State University from which was drawn a sample of 470 respondents using the stratified sampling technique. A total of 299 questionnaires were usably retrieved for analysis. Findings revealed more than 80% purpose for use rate, this included purpose of gaining knowledge, doing assignments, downloading educational materials, and others recording more than average rate. Also, about 50% of respondents indicated hindrances to satisfactory usage including poor electricity, insufficient skill and time, poor training, excess academic workload, inadequate knowledge and ineffective management and maintenance. It was recommended that provision should be made for proper management and maintenance policies, as well as more relevant and richer electronic information resources and services in the University library.