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Winter 1-27-2021


This study explores the research productivity and performance of journals of informetrics (JOI) for selected 13 years between 2007-2019. The research productivity was evaluated based on a methodology followed and used in this study: Annual growth rate (AGR), relative growth rate (RGR) and doubling time (Dt); authorship pattern and Authors productivity, degree of collaboration (DC), collaborative index (CI), most productive Institutes, and countries, year-wise distribution of the publications. The Scopus database was consulted for collecting of required data for this study. A total of 978 publications were found during the study period. The study shows that the highest numbers of 106(10.84%) papers were published in 2017 and the lowest 33(3.37%) research articles were published in 2007. It was also observed from the study that multi-authors published the majority of documents. Further, it was revealed that out of 58 countries, the United States contributed (12.40%) alone compared to other countries. The finding exposed that out of six documents types, research articles 863(88.24%) were the more contributed item in this type. The present study shows that the journal of informetrics (JOI) has average performance because of continuous fluctuation in publications' annual growth.