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Biomimicry can be considered to be a way of connecting the environment created by man to the natural world. Biomimicry is a science that, as a model, a measure and a tutor, looks to nature. Via site work, construction and everyday operations, biomimicry can be used to enhance the way the built environment is constructed. The main objective of this paper is to perform a bibliometric study of biomimicry-related literature in order to discover the growth of biomimicry as an architectural method in recent years. The time frame considered for this survey is between 1990 and 2020. The findings, however, indicate that the first paper was not written until 2007. In this paper, bibliometric analysis focuses primarily on results from the Scopus database. For data visualization purposes, external software like iMapBuilder and VOSviewer are used. The research is intended to show the need for biomimicry in the modern world. The result of the study sheds light on the lack of biomimicry research and the need for more research on the subject. A new research approach for comprehensive research in biomimicry paves the way for the results of this analysis.