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This is citation errors study and errors are presented in Appendix A in underline manner. Please keep them underline.


This study explores the citation errors and level of reference accuracy in the Indian scientometric journal entitled, Journal of Scientometric Research (JSR). One hundred and seventy four journal citations appended in eight research articles appeared in the JSR, volume 9, issue 1, Jan-Apr, 2020, were checked meticulously by breaking them into seven bibliographic components, i.e. author(s) name, article title, journal name, year, volume and issue numbers, and pages (both first and last page); and they were matched with the original source articles. Results reveal that 44.25% (77) citations in JSR were erroneous and remaining 55.75% (97) citations were error free. In 77 faulty citations, a sum of 116 errors was observed, out of which 59 were minor and 57 were major. A rigorous reference management system or procedure is essentially needed to enrich the reference accuracy as well as upgrade the standard of the research articles published in the JSR.



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