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This paper attempts to present the bibliometric attributes of the doctoral /postgraduate dissertations/theses submitted to Area Study Center for Russia, China and Central Asia University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Study covers thirty eight Years of productivity ranges from 1981 to the end of the 2019. The objective of the study was to examine the research productively of the Doctoral and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Theses of the Center. The primary investigation explored that a total of Eighty Two PhD and Thirty Three MPhil Theses were submitted by the scholars. The gender of the scholars was male dominate; over female. Only 1.74% PhD dissertations were written in and English & Pashto Language. Majority of the theses that is 34 percent has covered Pakistan, followed by Afghanistan that comes to 19 %. About one forth (25%) of the research was done on the subject of “Political Science” and most productive year was 1995-1996. The minimum duration of completion of MPhil& PhD theses was one and two years respectively while the length of postgraduate dissertation / Thesis reports of the Area Study Centre was ranging from 90 to 700 pages. It was suggested that area covered in the research reports needs to extend to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kagazistan.