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Winter 1-30-2021

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Abstract: In this bibliometric study through the meticulous analysis of year and language wise distribution of publications, document type wise distribution of contributions, year wise citation analysis and country wise productivity in the field of stem cell research, an effort has been made to delineate a vibrant image of the present condition of stem cell research. Data have been collected from Scopus database for the purpose of the study. The study reflects that among the total 137937 publications on stem cell, the highest number of publications i.e. 11653 were published in 2016 and lowest number of publications i.e.1910 were published in 2001. In case of only India, 2017 was the highest productive year and 2001 was the lowest. Among the published documents mostly were in English language (124,745) and it is followed by Chinese language. Journal articles (99468) were the highest in number among different types of publications as nascent information on a subject mainly get reflected in journal articles. Researchers from USA top the list with 42,211 publications on stem cell in the whole world. The year 2008 has received maximum number of citations i.e. 333,921. Finally there is a significant negative correlation between time and growth of citation. From 2014 to 2018 the number of citations has been reduced in comparison to previous years. It also reflects that as it is a growing subject domain the new ideas are emerging everyday and the old ideas are slightly losing ways to give place to the new ones.