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The Coronavirus pandemic is a global problem that came with its attendant economic shock that is higher than the one brought by World War 1 and 2 put together. The attendant consequences expectedly landed Nigeria economy to recession. Nigeria over the years has been grappling with the problem of diversification of her economy to forestall the ugly impact of monolithic economy. This paper investigated the effect of using technology in fighting intellectual copyright piracy which will encourage the citizens to harness their creative endowment to eke out a living with its resultant effect on the reduction of unemployment. The study developed 400 self-structured questionnaires which were administered to respondents using responsive sampling technique and the data were analysed using simple frequency table. The outcome revealed that technology can help in a great deal to fight intellectual copyright piracy which was established by the research to be on the increase in Nigeria.

Journal1.docx (64 kB)
Journal1.docx (64 kB)