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A bibliographic study of the different publication trends in waste water treatment have been carried out from 2000-2019, and presented in the manuscript. The study revolves around publications considering waste water treatment of insecticide, pesticide, dyes, heavy metals, containing waste water. The growth of research in waste water treatment in the past decade, as evident from the publication databases, has led to the development of interest and curiosity in the growing area of water treatment. The reference points for the analysis in the present study have been Scopus and Web of Science databases, which have been considered and referred to as renowned sources in the research community. Several parameters such as year of publication, citations, country of publication, funding agencies, etc. have been discussed in detail. The manuscripts in the domain of waste water have shown a percentage distribution of 56.25 %, 39.58 % and 4.17 % for research articles, review papers and conference publications in Scopus database, whereas 73.53 %, 25.00 % and 1.47 %, in Web of Science database, in the period ranging from 2000 to 2019. India shows almost 35.29 % of these publications whereas China 22.06 %, out of all the publications in the mentioned period. The authors have analyzed the publication pattern till date thereby determining the coverage and impact, highlighting the importance of the domain chosen.